Cheese in Extremadura

"From north to south and from east to west, Extremadura is witness to this quiet ritual, which in the hands of the artisan, transforms milk into a succulent delicacy."

In addition to the traditional cheese areas linked to our Protected Designations of Origin, you can discover territories with a long cheese tradition essential for lovers of this succulent temptation.

The cheeses of La Vera and Siberia, where the verata goat is made, the quesaillas, which are made in La Raya from Alburquerque to Jerez de los Caballeros; the cheese of Acehuche and Coria, the cheese of Sierra de Gata and Hurdes, the cheese of Cáceres or the cheese of Barros are some of the cheeses from Extremadura that enjoy great recognition, and that we invite you to discover step by step.

Cheese areas of Extremadura


Welcome to Extremadura, land of cheeses and their artisans, a land that at every step leaves us a colossal, surprising and exuberant landscape.

Transhumance in Extremadura


The space through which transhumant cattle pass in Extremadura is considered to be the greenhouse.