P.D.O. Queso de La Serena

"La Serena, naturally"

A popular proverb says that "with good cheese and good wine the journey becomes shorter", because since time immemorial, it was a usual custom for shepherds and pilgrims of this region to carry La Serena cheese in their pouches or saddlebags. A jewel that centuries later continues to delight those who try it. These sites are home to one of the best-preserved enclaves in the Iberian Peninsula due to the richness and diversity of its natural resources and are considered one of the most important fauna ecosystems in Europe.

The rock engravings, the dolmen ensembles or the magnificent examples of orientalising influence speak of a territory with an incomparable cultural and historical wealth. The numerous vestiges of Roman times, without forgetting an important example of military architecture, tell you about the strategic nature of an area that has witnessed a strong belligerence between Christians and Muslims, ending with the control of the territory by Military Orders who were present in the region since medieval times.