P.D.O. Queso de Los Ibores

P.D.O. Queso de los Ibores

"Unesco World Heritage, natural and cultural diversity"

In the territory of the PDO Queso de Ibores, nature and man live together in perfect harmony. You will be able to visit two natural sites declared World Heritage by Unesco (the World Geopark Villuercas Ibores Jara and part of the Biosphere Reserve of Monfragüe), passing through steppe cereal zones like the Llanos (plains)in Zorita and Sierra Brava.

From the origins of history in the Cave Chiquita in Cañamero, passing through the Arab castles of Trujillo, Medina Albalat or Cabañas, to the great cultural legacy around the Royal Monastery of Santa María in Guadalupe, World Heritage, and the monumental complex of Trujillo, forming a territory with an incomparable historical and artistic legacy.