Protected Denomination of Origin

Territory P.D.O.

"Natural and cultural diversity"

Three spaces with their own identity that have managed to preserve the authenticity of their most genuine products and that have found in their cheeses their best sign of identity. Cheeses that are as genuine as they are authentic, but which nevertheless have something in common that unites them: respect for traditions and an excellent raw material..

Every corner of these territories seems to have wanted to imprint its particular imprint on these gastronomic treasures. In order to understand the secret behind these cheeses, the best thing to do is to get to know the gastronomic landscapes in which these jewels of our culinary culture become a reality.

P.D.O. Torta del Casar


Land of treasures and delicacies

P.D.O. Queso de La Serena


La Serena, naturally.

P.D.O. Queso de Los Ibores


UNESCO World Heritage, natural and cultural diversity