Sánchez Hidalgo dairy

Quesería Sanchez Hidalgo Portada

Sánchez Hidalgo dairy

Polígono Industrial La Serena C/Alemania parcela 27 Castuera (Badajoz)
C.P.: 06420 - Castuera (Badajoz)
Tel (1): 924772048 - Tel (2): 616665036
Email: quesoserena@sanchezhidalgo.es

Quesos Sánchez Hidalgo is a family tradition dairy located in the heart of La Serena. It started with a small dairy on the farm itself, and it was in 2003 that the current facilities began to be used.

This dairy is committed to a traditional production process, and therefore fully observes the natural cycle of its flock, which is composed of Merino sheep. For this, the company has several farms where mothers graze and breed naturally.

Sánchez Hidalgo is a company that has set the goal of continuing with its commitment with the quality of its products, maintaining its traceability and a quality control system required for preserving the family tradition.

The result is a creamy cheese inside and a good rind on the outside with a mild flavour reminiscent of the pastures of La Serena.