Safari Extremadura


Safari Extremadura

Av. de Hernán Cortés, 10 10004 Cáceres
C.P.: 10004 - Cáceres (Cáceres)
Tel (1): 607668454 - Tel (2):

Safari Extremadura is a company of tourist activities that realizes routes in 4×4 for the nature.

The company applies imagination, creativity and adventure adding a large dose of fun and enjoyment of nature.

It is a 4×4 journey on tracks and roads to reach places of special interest, ie places that for their beauty deserve to be visited.

The course is very fruitful since during the way it is taught what are the fundamentals of photography and in the stops are made practices, taking into account the observations and questions of the attendees, always being suitable for all audiences.

In the Route of the Cheese the fields and pastures are visited where the sheep graze, with the purpose of knowing where the cattle are raised and how these animals are taken care of.

Finally the final product is tasted, the excellent cheeses.