MR cattle farm


MR cattle farm

Término Municipal de Esparragosa de Lares
C.P.: - (Badajoz)
Tel (1): 627 487 158 - Tel (2):

The MR cattle farm is located in Esparragosa de Lares, between Extremadura Siberia and La Serena. The merino sheep of the livestock graze in two estates located in the privileged surroundings within the Special Zones of Protection of Birds (ZEPA).

Cañada Cortilla is located in the ZEPA La Serena and Sierras Periféricas on the banks of the river Zújar at the headwaters of the La Serena Reservoir, where merino sheep live and graze with colonies of steppe birds, among others, bustards and bustards.

Finca Zurrones is located in the Area of Regional Interest (ZIR) Embalse de Orellana and Sierra de Pela, on the banks of the Orellana reservoir, where waterfowl such as the Greylag Geese and the Whistle Duck abound.

The estate offers different activities to tourists:
To accompany the cattle in the transterminancia of a property to another one for cañadas, cordeles and cattle routes.
Guided visits through the farm to get to know first hand the handling of the cattle in the different seasons of the year and to participate in the cattle work and specific tasks of the farm at that time (farrowing, shearing, milking, etc.).
Other complementary activities such as walking through the different fences of the farm including a walk along the banks of the different reservoirs and ponds to learn about the flora and fauna that cohabits with livestock, lunch in the countryside with typical products of the region.
The livestock products, such as cheese, lamb and wool, are protected by the IGP Corderex and the PDO Cheese of La Serena.