Malpartida de Cáceres Tourist Office


Malpartida de Cáceres Tourist Office

Calle Santa María, 4 10910 Malpartida de Cáceres ( Cáceres)
C.P.: 10910 - Malpartida de Cáceres (Cáceres)
Tel (1): 927 276 723 - Tel (2):

The Marpartida de Cáceres Tourist Information Office is located in the Mayoralgo’s noble house of the 18Th century, and shares its facilities with the Livestock Trails Centre.

Malpartida de Cáceres offers quality tourism resources including its historical heritage, contemporary art centres such as the Narbon Museum and the Vostell Malpartida Museum, which are known internationally. In addition, it is a clear nature destination, and this has been represented by the spectacular Natural Monument of Los Barruecos and the white stork colonies that have earned Malpartida to be declared European Stork Village, representing Spain.

The municipality features a long historical tradition related to shepherding and transhumance, having been the destination of merino flocks attracted by the presence of the Lavadero de Lanas de Los Barruecos, now home of the Vostell Malpartida Museum.