Légola Tourism Services


Légola Tourism Services

Calle Miralrío, 11 Bajo 10.003 Cáceres
C.P.: 10003 - Cáceres (Cáceres)
Tel (1): 927 22 34 15 - Tel (2): 927 24 10 73
Email: info@legola.com
Web: https://www.centrodeocioyaventurazamarrilla.com/

The Zamarrilla Leisure and Adventure Centre is located in the Special Protection Area of Llanos de Cáceres and Sierra de Fuentes, specifically on the Pantano de Valdesalor road, 10 km from Cáceres.

Légola is an estate with seven hectares of land, where you can find all the fun and entertainment in the natural environment. Within the current facilities there is a reception for customers, it is equipped with bathrooms, a dining room and a kitchen, and there is also a large porch of more than 100 square meters.
The centre has a parking area, picnic area, water area, horse riding area with Spanish pure-bred horses and large multi-adventure spaces adapted to all tastes and needs.

Cheese has its relevance in this centre in the artisan elaboration process that is made with the clients, from milk collection in the early morning, to the experiential cheese making workshop and its tasting.