Las Gamitas Country House


Las Gamitas Country House

Finca Las Gamitas 10132 Almoharín (Cáceres)
C.P.: 10132 - Almoharín (Cáceres)
Tel (1): 607805444 - Tel (2):

Las Gamitas country house is located on a 63-hectare holm-oak farm, an example of pastureland in Extremadura, as it is engaged in extensive cattle and sheep farming. It is located 50 km from Cáceres, Trujillo and Mérida.

It has a signposted 5 km-long path, where you can walk or ride a bike, and that runs throughout the farm offering the possibility of visiting its most emblematic places. The farm has bicycles that can be rented for €5/day.

Barbecues and roasts are served on request, and they are usually accompanied with Extremadura cheese as appetiser and dessert.