Castrum Erat dairy


Castrum Erat dairy

Vereda Camino de Don Benito, S/N Castuera ( Badajoz)
C.P.: 06420 - Castuera (Badajoz)
Tel (1): 615 98 68 42 - Tel (2):

This is countryside dairy that is located on the same farm where the sheep that supply the milk for cheese making are bread.

Their only supplies come from their own sheep, producing 8 different types of cheese of enzymatic, lactic and mixed coagulation, as well as sheep’s milk yoghurt.

It is a closed-cycle production farm, which includes the cultivation of animal feed, all the way to the sale of the product made from the raw material produced. They have 300 sheep in semi-extensive regime and a 60 m2 dairy.

It is 2 km from the town of Castuera, with perfect access for any vehicle.

It aims at sharing its daily cheese production experience with people who are interested in knowing more about this product, and through this, at giving an added value to the production, transmitting the truth about the product, from its origin to its consumption.