The Torta del Casar Route


The Torta del Casar Route


"From the Sierra de San Pedro to the Sierra de Montánchez, between spheroidal weatherings and plains, run the domains of the TORTA DEL CASAR"

Paths, tracks and livestock trails tell you about the future of the land of transhumance and about its most illustrious inhabitants, the shepherds and their flocks. Basins for washing wool, mills, castles and centenarian holm oaks mark these roads; and at the end of a hard day, the promise of a well-deserved rest in the ancestral city of Cáceres, World Heritage Site, where history and gastronomy go hand in hand.

Arcaded squares, cemeteries excavated in bedrock and castles that have kept the safe passage of transhumant flocks for centuries, await travellers who, on their way to the Mills Route, will find shelter in the shadow of the oldest holm oak in the world. You will lose yourself in the Natural Monument of Los Barruecos, a place that seems to have been carved by the hands of giants, and which today houses the Vostell Malpartida Museum.