Queso de Los Ibores Route


Queso de Los Ibores Route


"To understand the Los Ibores cheese one must only glimpse the colossal landscape in which the herds of goats are raised"

Its steep orography hides an overwhelming landscape where the perfect symbiosis between the uses and customs of its first settlers and their whimsical forms provide you with a unique and intense experience. We are in the heart of the Villarcas Ibores Jara Geopark.

A landscape that, from the depths of its caves and grottos to the castles of its highest summits in its Apalache reliefs, hides dozens of geosites that have made it worthy of being recognised by Unesco; and when it seems that nothing else can surprise us, in the heart of the region, you find the Puebla de Guadalupe, a place of pilgrimage of kings and queens and whose life revolves around the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Guadalupe, declared World Heritage Site by Unesco, and whose cloister is considered the most relevant Mudejar work of the peninsula.