Queso de la Serena Route


Queso de La Serena Route


"To talk about La Serena is to delve into the origins of our history"

Its shelters, its sets of rock engravings or its dolmen ensembles are silent witnesses of the evolution of the first ancestors that trod these lands.

The orienting sanctuary of Cancho Roano, which has the first hydraulic work of the Iberian Peninsula, is one of the most important material ensembles of our country's protohistory. The only Roman ensemble of Antiquity in Spain, in Zalamea, or the fantastic archaeological site of Hijovejo in Quintana de la Serena tells you about Roman presence in the region.

These castles controlled by the military orders of Alcántara or of the Temple tell you about the strategic importance of this region.

Today, the immensity of its steppes, where silence makes sense in all its expression, welcomes a unique natural enclave and one of the most important faunistic ecosystems in Europe. Four almost intact biotopes of mountain ranges, meadows, wetlands and pseudosteppes are home to one of the continent's most important bird reserves, which year after year witnesses the ritual that takes place in its millenarian meadows: the migration of cranes.