Cheese Routes

Cheese Routes

Welcome to Extremadura, a land of cheeses and their artisans, a land that leaves us a colossal, surprising and exuberant landscape at every step.

Immersing yourself in the different cheese routes is not only to get closer to the ancestral traditions linked to cheese, but also to walk its paths and paths; to meet its people, visit its museums, palaces and castles and discover new landscapes at each step, enjoying its varied flora and fauna in its natural spaces.

The Torta del Casar Route


From the Sierra de San Pedro to the Sierra de Montánchez, between berrocales and plains, run the domains of the TORTA DEL CASAR.

Queso de la Serena Route


To talk about Serena is to delve into the origins of our history.

Queso de Los Ibores Route


To understand the Queso de Los Ibores we only have to glimpse the colossal landscape in which their herds of goats are raised.