“Passion for cheese”

This Product Club is made up of companies and entities with a common denominator: our passion for cheese. Accommodation and activities companies, restaurants, food shops, museums, tourist information offices, dairies and livestock farms that are willing to turn a gastronomic experience into an unforgettable emotion. It is impossible to trace a line in time marking the time when the first cheese began to be made in the region, but what seems certain is that this moment in time is inextricably linked to the first human settlements in the territory. The fact that this production and its uses and customs have remained practically unchanged over the centuries, together with the excellent quality of the pastures and natural spaces in which livestock are raised, is what has allowed today to undertake, with all guarantees, the privileged adventure of showing the world an extraordinary product, as diverse as it is unique, with intense flavours and excellent quality. All of us believe above all in the informative nature of this Cheese Route, an itinerary that, we are convinced, must become a tool that will allow us not only to share our passion for cheese, but also to show the culture and the natural and artistic heritage treasured by the region. That is why travelling the Cheese Route of Extremadura will involve merging into a colossal landscape, a journey into diversity that will immerse us fully into tradition, a journey where no one will be a stranger. The only recommendation we can give you before you start this trip is: let yourself be carried away by the vital rhythms of the Cheese Route and abandon yourself to your senses. 

Get ready to plunge into the route of flavour!

List of companies belonging to the Product Club

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  • Route of Queso de la Serena
  • Route of Queso de Los Ibores
  • Route of Torta del Casar
  • Sierra de San Pedro-Tajo International Territory
  • Territory of La Vera
  • Territory of Monfragüe
  • Territory of Tentudia
  • Territory of Tierra de Barros

Abadía de Yuste Rural Hotel

Adriano Atalaya Fernández-Petregal

AH Ágora Hotel

Almonte Dairy

Arroyo de la Luz Tourist Office



Barbancho Apartments

Barceló V Centenario Hotel