Torta del Casar Week

Where is it?

Casar de Cáceres


Second week of October

Details about the event:

Children’s workshops and live cooking; tapas route through different establishments of the municipality, open doors visits to dairies of the area, demonstrations of traditional milking, technical workshops and many more activities for the whole family can be enjoyed during a whole week. We can highlight the annual edition of awards to individuals and companies-organisations which have developed outstanding work in broadcasting the Torta.

In addition, you should not miss the traditional Transhumance Route, which runs through the town of Casar de Cáceres with a large flock of sheep and involving more than a thousand people.

Reasons to attend:

You are a Torta del Casar lover and you cannot wait to learn how it is made. At this event, you can visit several dairies and see the process of making this succulent delicacy.

If you also love the shepherd and transhumant life, this is your opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of a shepherd and participate in the transhumance route.