Days of Transhumance

Where is it?



First week of November.

Details about the event:

  • It is an event aimed at disseminating the transhumant culture from an information, research, gastronomy, music, feelings and tourism aspect, grouping the themes in different spaces.
  • The work days start with the Space for Tourism where several transhumant routes take place, it then continues with the Space for Flavours, in which the gastronomy of cheese and transhumant food are the protagonists at cheese making and live demonstration workshops.
  • The Space for Knowledge, where there is room for meetings and dialogue on transhumance and livestock routes; the fourth and finishing touch of the nights is the Space for Culture, which hosts poetry recitals and transhumant music.

Reasons to attend:

You are passionate about all aspects of shepherds and transhumant culture. You like history and popular tradition linked to the shepherds’ repertoire, both musical with its songs, and culinary with its traditional shepherd recipes.