Castuera Sheep Hall

Where is it?

Castuera Exhibition Centre



Details about the event:

Every year, Castuera holds a monographic hall on sheep. This is a traditional cattle fair especially dedicated to sheep. The event includes the auction of Merino sheep specimens, to provide livestock farmers with sufficient animals to improve the efficiency and performance of their sheds.

The programme of parallel activities is rich and diverse, with a La Serena cheese tasting contest, with the participation of most industries registered in the Regulatory Council of the PDO Queso de La Serena and the well-known Concurso de calderetas Caldera de Oro” (stew contest) among the great chefs, in addition to popular lamb tastings. For both activities, products certified by the Regulatory Council of the PGI Cordero de Extremadura (Corderex) is used.

Gastronomy lovers will enjoy two great products from Extremadura: PGI Cordero de Extremadura (lamb) and PDO Queso de La Serena (cheese).

Reasons to attend:

You like animal contests, and if you are a La Serena cheese lover and you like eating meat of the best lamb, this is your fair.