Brozas April Fair

Where is it?



Around the 20th, 21st and 22nd of April.

Details about the event:

The Feria de Abril de Brozas (Brozas April Fair) is the oldest festival in this village in Cáceres and has been going on uninterruptedly from the end of the 15th century to the present day.

Converted for decades into one of the most important livestock fairs in Extremadura, in recent years its main activity is focused on showing the quality of regional food products, with special consideration for the gastronomy of the International Tagus.

In this way, an agri-food fair is organised where cheeses, sausages, typical sweets, wine, honey or jams are exhibited and sold, as well as products of great quality made by Extremadura companies; in addition, several complementary activities are developed such as the tasting of veal meat, a gastronomic competition of traditional dishes from Brozas, children’s workshops or a sample of live cooking by famous chefs from the region.

Along with the food and agriculture fair, the Brozas April Fair includes a wide range of cultural, sporting, tourist and leisure activities designed for the enjoyment of both young and old.

Reasons to attend:

If you are a lover of veal and retino meat, you are a cook or want to learn how to cook. If you like to buy quality local food, this is your fair.